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Nail art giving a new dimension to fashion

Fashion is not only restricted to clothes and shoes. It has gone far beyond that. Now people want to look great in every aspect. Well no longer is a simple nail polish applied to the nails.

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The concept of beautifying hands has gone far beyond that. Now a new term has emerged on the scenario and that is nail art. This new version of fashion has gained immense fame especially among the young females. It seems that now there are no limitations or boundaries to fashion, people are discovering new ways to broaden the horizon.

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What is nail art?

Nail art basically means to beautify your nails in a unique manner. Nail art is a great skill and this facility is only available in very high quality saloons. There are experts there who with the help of special nail art kits create unique designs on the nails.

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The design is created as per the choice of the customer. These designs definitely give a far better effect than our simple nail polish. They are so appealing that anyone would be tempted to look at the nails. One can have floral designs, abstract designs and all the forms look great.

Requirements for nail art

Well the major requirement for nail art is that the nail should be healthy. It is because they will be undergoing a major experiment. Brittle nails do not provide the right base for nail art.

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How to prepare the nails for nail art

If a person plans to get nail art done to her nails. She should start taking care of the nails. A manicure definitely improves the health of the nails. Secondly a good diet that is rich in vitamins and calcium will also benefit the general health of the nails.

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How is nail art done?

One can purchase nail art brush and acrylic paints. The first step is that the brush is made wet and is dipped in the paint. Now one can choose a floral design or a simple dot. To make a petal the tip of the brush has to be placed flat on the nail. This has to be done five times to create five petals. If the base color is light, one can choose a dark color for the design. Once the design is complete it has to be protected with a top coat. In this manner one can create several designs.

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There is a simple rule of the thumb one learns by practicing .Until a person tries one would never be able to learn the skill. Nail art is a skill, which if acquired will be very useful for a person. For example if a person is going out on a party one can have the nail art done and the person is bound to stand out in the crowd due to the exceptional beauty of hands. However, it is best to consult a professional before trying this at home so that one would not end up damaging her nails. After all precautions are a must.

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