Fiber In Food

                             Fiber, a daily need

Diet plays an important role in our life. Our diet is greatly affected by one’s lifestyle. Usually people who take a balanced diet suffer from lesser number of health problems because they are including everything in balanced proportions. People who suffer from diet problems are generally the ones who like to consume junk food like burgers, pizza etc. They do not realize that junk food can never fully compensate the natural foods one needs. Fiber is one element that needs to be a part of the daily diet. Fiber has unlimited advantages. In fact Fiber consumption can prevent a number of health problems.

The way fiber benefits our body

Fiber reduces the cholesterol level in the blood. It is a major solution for all those suffering from high cholesterol. Fiber greatly helps people who are obese. Fiber can be defined as a secret to weight reduction. People who are obese need to have fiber in sufficient amounts and it is bound to pay off. Fiber helps to prevent colon cancer, which is undoubtedly a deadly disease. Fiber is vital in controlling diabetes. Soluble fiber helps in absorption of blood sugar. Hence it improves sugar levels. Mostly efficiently fiber is extremely help in bowel movements. It is a natural remedy to  prevent constipation. Fiber consumption prevents aliments like piles.

Fiber forms

There are two kinds of fiber

1. Soluble

2. Insoluble

Soluble fiber dissolves in water to present a gel like form whereas Insoluble fiber acts as a bulking agent and hence it aids in digestion.

Fiber In Food

Foods in which fiber is present

Bananas, apples, papayas are all rich in fiber. If one eats legumes that too would help to increase the fiber intake. Oat meals and beans are also rich in fiber. Green vegetables are also a source of fiber. Potato, which is an all time favorite, is a rich source of fiber. Children can consume potato in the form of potato chips to improve the fiber intake. Cereals can be included in the breakfast also. Psyllium Husk is a very common fiber supplement.

Daily Requirement of Fiber

Men who are 50 years old or younger need about 38 grams of fiber. Men who are above 50 years need about 30 grams of fiber. Women who are aged 50 or younger need about 25 grams of fiber. Women who are aged 50 years or older need about 21 grams of fiber.

Disadvantages of consuming excess fiber

It is a known fact that excess of everything is bad and excess fiber can actually cause problems. The most commonly caused problems due to the excessive use of fiber are gas and bloating and that can cause immense amount of discomfort and embarrassment.


Fiber consumption should be made part of the daily routine. If one wants to gain more knowledge about fiber benefits, they can surf the internet. Internet lists down the fiber advantages in detail. Another good resource for finding about fiber benefits are health books. They guide one well how to consume fiber in the most effective manner.

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