How To Get Fair Skin In Winter Naturally

                                            How to Get Fair Skin in Winter Naturally

Beauty has long been a passion for women. Women have been pampering their skin since ancient times, with natural remedies. Winter is one season, when the skin needs that extra care

Beautifying Your Skin during Winters

All the moisture is absorbed from the skin during the winter season and as a result the skin becomes dry and dull. None of us want to lose our natural freshness. Mother Nature contains many natural remedies for retaining the beauty of the skin even during the tough seasons like winter. how to get fair skin in winter naturally

The Beauty Regime

Fairness greatly depends on one’s daily routine. Like one should drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. It is natural that one does not feel very thirsty during the winter season, but water intake is necessary to flush out the toxins from the body. Once the body is toxin free, the skin will definitely look fairer. Secondly cleansing is a must at night. It removes the dirt from the face, revealing a fairer and healthier skin.

The Beauty Secrets For The Winter

-        Honey is undoubtedly the best gift of Mother Nature. It revitalizes the skin on a single application. Not only that, but one does not need to spend tremendously on whitening creams. Honey has properties, which can make the skin fairer. Honey is also a natural moisturizer. Honey and lemon mask is a very famous fairness mask right from your kitchen. Equal amounts of cucumber juice and honey can also be applied to the face for a fair complexion.

-    Exfoliation is a must. Exfoliation is needed regardless of the season. If one exfoliates her skin using a scrub, the dead cells would be removed revealing a fairer healthier skin. In case exfoliation is avoided, it can result in a dull complexion.

-    Yogurt   is an all time fairness secret. Yogurt is inexpensive and an effective fairness tip. Yogurt should be applied on the face for a period of 30 minutes. It gets absorbed in the skin. After washing the face, a fairer and soft skin would be revealed.

-     Milk is a whitening agent since ancient times. There are many effective milk masks that one can easily try at home. For example almonds can be soaked at night. There should be grinned with milk in the morning and applied to the face. A fairer skin is bound to be the result.

-    Turmeric is known to be a whitening agent since ancient times. One can mix turmeric with milk or rose water and apply it on the face to get that natural fairness. how to get fair skin in winter naturally1

Skin Protection

Skin Protection is necessary in every season. Too much exposure to the skin is perhaps the skin’s biggest enemy.  It can result in making the skin darker. To gain and protect the natural fairness a good sun block is necessary.

Dietary Changes

No matter what one applies to the face, if the diet is not good, the skin can never look fair and fresh. One needs to have green vegetables and fruits. In short a balanced diet is mandatory.


Above all what goes in the mind affects the skin the most. One needs to keep the mind relaxed. Otherwise the stress element will show on the face. In that case no matter how fair one is, the skin can never be enviably beautiful. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation techniques might prove fruitful. Remember beauty might be only skin deep, but beauty is one thing that can rock a thousand ships easily.

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